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Sending Confirmation Reminder to Registrants


Hi there! 
I'm having trouble with something wondering if someone can help. 
I use Zoom for my weekly meditation group and usually send a reminder email to my attendees 30 mins before. 

I have over 600 registrants, and as of this week it only let's me sent the reminder to 6 pages of people (approx 66 people) vs. the whole list which I was able to do previously. Has anyone else had this happen and do you know how to fix it? 

Thanks so much!



I had the same problem last night. Our members rely on these reminders because they generally lose the one sent when they originally sign up, so this was a REAL probem for us.


I have the same problem.  But what's worse the reminders are going out an hour after the event rather than before.  How do we fix the problem


I am also having the same problem.  However, when I waited 10 mins, then tried again, it allowed me to send a further 5 pages (I'm in the middle of sending them out now).  Not ideal but hopefully it is a workaround.  I have 400 people to send to, so it will take me about an hour to send them all!