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Screen sharing with dual monitors


I used to be able to screen share content from my 2nd monitor’s screen without anything being interrupted or minimize on my primary monitor. However, now when I try to screen share my 2nd monitor’s screen, it throws the app that is on my 2nd monitor back over to the primary, which then leaves zoom sharing a blank screen from the 2nd monitor. Any suggestions. I have checked and adjusted settings ad nauseam. Thanks!


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee


We are sorry that you are having this experience. Please review this article to ensure that you meet the prerequisites and have the correct configurations.

We hope this helps resolve this issue.

Thank you.

I went to that article and I meet are the prerequisites for Windows but when I go to Settings, there is no General tab. I attached a screen shot.


Did you ever fix it? Having a similar issue myself.

In a way, yes, but the problem was created due to user error, my error lol. The control bar that appears when you share a screen had been dragged over to the 2nd monitor, and this was causing the issue. Once I dragged the controls back over the the main monitor, the screen share operated as normal when sharing the 2nd monitor. 


 I have not found a solution for this problem. When I want to share a video and have it open on my 2nd display (my monitor) it automatically opens on my desktop screen and the participants can't see the video. They hear it but not see it. I have tried a zillion things and am now desparate!!