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Screen sharing second monitor




I am using 'dual monitors' with the second one being a projector. This usually displays a text or image, but sometimes we need to show the active zoom window i.e. a spotlighted participant.


This works fine apart from when we share screen, the issue is that the main monitor switches to display the participants full screen rather than windowed as before sharing. If we 'Exit Full Screen' (or double click) this returns the main monitor windowed size BUT the second window also exits full screen!


I've been through all of the share screen options (even advanced) but I can't seem to stop the second screen 'following' the zoom of the main one 😞


This is repeatable on different devices.



This seems to be a new ongoing issue. I think it is a Zoom program error or bug and not a settings issue. Zoom will need to find a fix to this one. May need to try to contact them. We have the same issue. Only started a month or so ago, never had this issue before.