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Screen share video freezes


Hi - I'm using an iMac with 10.13.6 and Zoom recently upgraded to 5.7.6 (1320).  Ever since then I've had problems with screen freezes when I'm giving a talk via another host while using Keynote.  The first time a couple of weeks ago it resolved by quickly by unsharing then resharing, but yesterday after about 5-10 min it would freeze after a few keystrokes and I could not resolve the problem at all.  I finally had to abandon the talk completely.  I've not been able to access the work arounds suggested on the web and Zoom seems to provide no direct support at all.  Any suggestions other than switching to a different app altogether? 



I also have the same problem, and also after the most recent update.
The helpdesk gave me a solution but the solution did not work, and I just texted them again, that the problem must be in this new updated version.

On my side it happens when I am sharing my PowerPoints, and up to the last version this worked perfectly, no problems at all. My own screen totally turns white or black, and I can't do anything anymore. My complete screen freezes. The only way to continue is then that I have to do hard shutdown through my Windows Taskmanager and automatically be logged out from Zoom, and then reconnect.

This is very annoying if you have hundreds of people connected to your presentation.
Please Zoom Technical Support, solve this issue.

I know, I too. It happens when I am sharing my screen and try to play YouTube videos  in Google Slides (PowerPoint)  presentations. I am mortified. I don't want to use MSTeams but did you find another solution? I've done all I can do on my side with cache cleaning, updating every driver ever heard of, and perfecting internet speed. It's just Zoom.