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Screen share problem with videos - is it a glitch?


After recent Zoom upgrades, in early January 2023, I suddenly was unable to share a video clip using share screen if I tried to share it full screen. Automatically the screen share was paused, without my doing anything and even when I tried to unpause it in the panel across the top it would not undue.  


I can use sharescreen to share a video clip on Zoom if I don't try to make it full screen. But every time I try to go full screen with the video clip I get the same problem.


Could it be a Mac issue?  I have a smallish Mac screen display size of 13.3 inches. Could that be a problem? It was fine before - until the 2023 Zoom updates. Currently using Mac OS Ventura 13.2.



I am also experiencing problems with Zoom for the past 2 weeks. In my case, the video and audio freezes every 2 minutes for a few seconds. 
I use windows 10.