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Screen share on Windows 11 with dedicated GPU video shutter lagging low framerate


I've been using screen share successfully on Windows 10, but since upgrading to Windows 11 the share screen video is terrible. It seems to be running at less than one frame per second on the receiver's screen. It seems to be an issue with having a dedicated GPU like an RTX. On my Lenovo X1 running Windows 11, the share screen works perfectly.


Upgraded drivers/firmware/bios and nothing improved the default install.


Making changes to the settings under the screen share settings restored the video quality.


Capture with window filtering: Normal
Advanced capture with window filtering: FAIL
Advanced capture without window filtering: FAIL
Legacy/Previous operating systems: Normal
Secure share with window filtering: FAIL

Enable hardware acceleration for (Windows): Screen sharing -> off : Normal




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hey @vayoka !


Thanks for reaching out,  after reaching out I found that Zoom is not yet officially supporting Windows 11. The system requirements page still certainly does not list Windows 11.


I have heard many users be able to run Zoom on Windows 11 with no problem, but also numerous cases of users having some trouble of one type or another. You can stay up-to-date with our blog and release notes


Also thank you for providing this feedback, it is contributions from community members like yourself that make this board awesome.


Thanks again!


I've not been able to screen share in Windows 11 like I did in 10, it doesn't give me the options of the windows I have open on my laptop. 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@JD66 Thanks for reaching out. 


Can you please make sure that all system components are updated.


I recently migrated to Windows 11 for a better testing experience & I am not having these types of issues. Please let me know once everything has be updated & if the issues still exist.