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Screen Sharing jump directly to PPP in presentation modus


Hello everyone

In Screen Sharing I want to go directly to the PPP in presentation modus. When I look at task bar in Windows and position the mouse pointer over the PPP App symbol two small windows pop up: the normal PPP Window and the presentation mode Window.

But when I klick the Screen Sharing button in Zoom Meeting I only see the normal PPP Window, not the Window with the presentation mode, allthoug it is there. Is there a way to open the window with the presentation mode of PPP directly, so that I don't have to open the presentation mode after sharing the Window of the PPP App?

As far as I can remember some time ago this was possible. As soon as I pressed the F5 button in PPP and then did a screen sharing in Zoom and clicked on the PPP App, the PPP presentation screen was shown, not the normal PPP Window. Why isn't this working any more?

Thanks for your useful reply to that question.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Let's create some clarification first...


  • Screen Sharing is when you elect to share an entire computer monitor, no matter what is on that monitor, it will be shared to the Zoom audience.
    • On a Mac your choices are displayed as "Desktop 1", "Desktop 2", etc.
    • On Windows your choices are displayed as "Screen 1", "Screen 2", etc.
  • Application Sharing is when you select a specific application that is open while you are electing to share with the Zoom audience.
    • Examples could include PowerPoint, Chrome, Photoshop

I completely understand your desire for a simple one-click share directly into a full-screen PowerPoint presentation. Most of customers demand this type of clean transitions.


Here are two ways I accomplish this...


  1. On my computer that is hosting the Zoom meeting, I have 2 screens connected to it. On Screen #1 is my Zoom meeting, gallery, etc. On Screen #2 is where I open PowerPoint and configure it to go into presentation mode on Screen #2. At that point I can launch PPT and launch the Presentation into full-screen mode while my Zoom is running, but I'm not yet sharing. When I'm ready to share, I click Share and select either Screen #2 or I can (and do) select the Full-Screen PPT Presentation.
  2. My 2nd method involves a 2nd computer that has joined the Zoom meeting. Launch PPT on the 2nd computer along with putting it into PPT Presentation mode. Then have the 2nd computer share the PPT into the meeting while you spotlight the speaker from your primary computer.


Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen