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We are piloting a co-teaching program in the second semester. We will have multiple teachers in one Zoom meeting with over 100+ students. Our administrators are wanting us to have them move in and out of breakout rooms like they would move around in stations in a brick-and-mortar setting. So, my question is.....If there are three break-out rooms...The main room has the host, breakout room 1 has a cohost, and breakout room 2 has the other cohost.....are we able to screen share differently in each one?

Example: The main room has the host screen sharing a lesson on reading strategies, breakout room 1 has a cohost screen sharing a grammar lesson, and breakout room 2 has the other cohost screen sharing a writing prompt/spelling skills.

Is this possible on a licensed account? If so, please share a link, video, or guide on how to implement this.