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Scheduling with Focus Mode


Hi all

I have been experimenting with Focus Mode and have a couple of queries.  First all all though - here are my portal settings in respect of Focus Mode:


Problem 1: In a meeting I see the 'More' menu with the 'Start Focus Mode' option as the only item (I work full screen with Zoom - so there are no other items in the More menu). Then I can stop Focus Mode with the 'Stop Focus Mode' - but by doing this the More menu disappears and I no longer can access the option to Start Focus Mode again.

Problem 2: see the following from the Zoom website:


I cannot see any provision in the app based 'Schedule Meeting' form to schedule a meeting with focus mode.

Can anyone advise please, many thanks



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @MikeGDTE for problem 1, I do see that, and assuming this is by design I'd suggest leaving this feedback at zoom.us/feed. For problem 2 with the setting enabled and checked, you can see it here when scheduling a meeting. 



Hope this helps! 


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