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Scheduling multiple meetings by the same person (co-hosting)


Hello we are Zoom One Pro, 100+ users company.

I've got a following problem.

our talent acquisition department is responsible for scheduling interviews for the entire company.

1) we have 3+ ppl in talent acquisition team (ta1, ta2, ta3)

2) we have a dedicated google/zoom user to keep all meetings in one place lets call him 'talent_cal'. this user will never log in into system on it's own

3) on every meeting we have dedicated hiring manager responsible for that process (hm1, hm2, hm3)

4) meetings created by TAx can overlap with each other, but a single HM can be present on only one meeting at the moment of time


our idea was:

TAx team members log in into zoom website and schedule the meeting ON BEHALF on talent_cal, and add HMx as co-host.

thanks to this TA team can see ALL meetings in one place and contact candidates and HMs even if the original TA is out of office.

because HMx is a co-host they can start the meeting without talents_cal being there (as this is just technical account).

our understanding was that because HMx is a co-host the meeting will be started (from a license point of view) from his account.  However, if TA1, creates meetings for HM1 and HM2 at the same time, the HM2 meeting will kill HM1 as soon as they are both started.


Is there a way to see all the teams meeting in one place, delegate host responsibility and keep control over the meeting on TA side?