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Scheduling Permissions but I'm listed as Host


I'm a licensed user in my company and I have scheduling permissions for our exec team and integrated with Google calendar.  I completed the update last week and now when I schedule for an exec leader, the meeting isn't listed on my calendar, but I'm reflected as the host while the exec is reflected as the organizer.  It's pulling my Zoom account details and is listed under my meetings in Zoom rather than the executive team member which poses conflicts for meetings where I am the host/organizer.  How do I fix this so the exec leader's Zoom account I have schedule permissions for is used rather than mine?  Thanks!




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Jen96, suggest looking into this Zoom Add-on for Google Calendar Scheduling on Behalf of Another User documentation if you haven't already and follow through with the setup and let me know if that resolves your issue! 


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