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Scheduled meetings disappearing from meeting list when prompted to sign in again


I am using the app on my macbook. Today, I was randomly signed out of my zoom app account and prompted to re-sign in. When I signed in again, all of my scheduled meetings have disappeared from my upcoming meeting list. The meeting is still showing in my linked google calendar. When I try to start the meeting via the link in my google calendar I am getting the message "Waiting for host to start the meeting" even though I am the one who scheduled the meeting/the host. Thus, I've had to send new meeting links to all of the participants.


Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.



No solution here, but I had the same problem after the update. I'm using a Windows PC, so it's not just Macs. Worse yet, when I recreated the future meetings the ID and password changed. I have to notify everyone about the new meeting ID and password.