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Save Chat - Java Script?


Hi, I am using Zoom with a free account for some months as participant of a language course, and saving the chat afterwards had never been a problem. But for the last two or three weeks I can't do that any more - could it be a problem with this JavaScript-topic (log4j) we're facing since December 11th? I'm not sure if we are allowed to post hyperlinks here, but more information can be seen on the bsi-website. But that's only a guess of mine, maybe it's a totally different thing with the chat... Thanks for helping, Christine



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Christine42, this would be the way to saving in-meeting chat, if you haven't taken a look at our KB article on this! Also over in our dev forum we have documentation on Get "In Meeting Chat" messages with the API as well! 


Hope this helps


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