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I did screenshare of a video that was also projected onto a screen. Audio output was through a Bluetooth speaker because we had participants on-site at the venue as well as those attending via Zoom. 

Is there an option in Zoom to split audio- system audio for the Zoom participants and a speaker for in-person participants?

Or is there another solution to this?



You can do this. Your audience will see a bit of the sausage being made, so to speak, but your bluetooth speaker will hear, in turn, the audio track of the shared video and the incoming voices of the remote participants. Balancing the relative audio levels might require some attention on your part. Your local audience will not hear themselves through the bluetooth speaker in this instance. How well the remote folks hear your locals depends on how you pipe local folks voices into Zoom -- mic on camera for example, with Automatically Adjust Microphone Volume set ON will give you the best you can expect from a small group sitting nearby (Tell your gang to speak slowly, distinctly and singly for best results. Camera microphones trend to be less than ideal, no matter what.) Set Zoom optimized audio ON. To play video, Click ShareScreen, Advanced, then double click Video. Navigate to your selection, Open it, then if necessary move the image to the connected external video display, and finally press PLAY to start the video as a shared file visible to local and remote participants. If the bluetooth speaker has been selected as the choice in Select A Speaker in the popup list (click the carat next to 'Mute" in the bottom left, it will be the output choice for the meeting audio and the shared sound in the video.