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SAML Name Create with Accent Marks the Acute O


Good Afternoon,


My organization's authentication method is the SAML login process, and it appears to reload the names on authentication.   However there appears to be a problem with loading the lowercase letter o with an accent on it.   I've tested it with my own name, and in the process of reloading the name, it just drops the accented 'ó' 


I'm curious if there is any information on the character encoding passing during the authentication process?


Many thanks,




Just to provide further context, our primary platform is PeopleSoft (to my knowledge), and allows the update of your name to a Preferred Name... See:



This populates out to all the systems we use, Google Workplace, Kaltura, Zoom, etc...   Depending on how the platform is connected, it might take a few days.   Zoom appears to reload the name when you are logged in via the SAML authentication process.


So when an accented letter is in the name fields that the SAML system provides to the Zoom login mechanisms, it seems that it just drops the character, resulting in:



Which cannot be edited by the end user in the profile, you get to edit in the Zoom Client, every single time you reload the Zoom Client.