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Roaming Zoom meeting Multiple Hosts


Hi all - I trust this will make sense and display my newbie-ness.

Our small business has a few remote users. We have a few Licensed Zoom accounts. We would like to use one of the Zoom accounts for multiple meetings, hosted by any of our staff.

I would like the link, or URL of this meeting to be able to be used in multiple meetings, so a staff member can schedule a meeting and add the Zoom link. 


Could this 'company' Zoom account be accessed by anyone who is given the link, and set up to allow it to be hosted by whoever sends out the meeting invitations?

Is this as straight forward as it seems? I feel I am missing something in the 'ownership' of the meeting. Eg that the person scheduling the meeting would need access to the Zoom account of this recurring, used-for-many-different-meetings Zoom account. Also how the hosting of each meeting would work.



I would like to do something similar.  Were you able to find an answer?