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Retrieving Cloud Recordings on an expired account


Hi, I previously had the paid version of Zoom. I cancelled it, but forgot to download the recordings on my local computer. I really need to access the recordings. How can I get Zoom to grant me access? Thank you


Community Champion

Hi there, 

Unfortunately, you will need to upgrade to Pro again to gain access to your cloud recordings. 

Hi, can you please confirm that I will be able to access old recordings if I re-upgrade my account to Pro?
What if my original account was with a business or organization, and now I am upgrading privately? Will I be able to access the recordings from when my account was under the organization I worked for?

Community Champion

That can get a bit complicated, as the profile with the recordings may still be a member of the former account. In general, if you are upgrading the exact same account back to Pro or higher, the cloud recordings should still be there. But if you created a new account with a new email, or recreated your old, deleted account with the same email, the cloud recordings are gone. 

Thank you. I have another question: I am having issues retrieving cloud recordings from after my account was downgraded as well. How can I access these recordings?

Community Champion

Are you getting a certain error code? Have you upgraded your account to Pro and assigned a license to your profile? 

I haven't yet reupgraded my account. I am trying to access recordings that were made from a Zoom basic account, and I cant access those either.

Community Champion

Accessing local recordings is completely different than accessing cloud recordings. Try following the troubleshooting steps here for local recordings:

Hi there again. I figured out that the account in question was licensed by the organization. It is no longer licensed to Pro but is still active with the same email address as a basic Zoom account. If I upgrade privately, not under the license of my organization, will I be able to access the recordings from when it was licensed under the organization? Thanks.