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Retrieve 1-1 Chat History


I had a meeting where I asked attendees to direct message their answers to a co-host. The co-host did not save the chat on their end.  Is there a way to retrieve it from Zoom cloud?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If you didn’t record to the cloud, nothing is available in the cloud. 

If you did record in the cloud and if you had Save chat messages checked and if the chats were sent to  everyone, then you should be able to get these from the cloud.  


If the chats were sent to panelists, you should be able to get them if this option was checked in Recording Settings:




It’s possible that chat was saved for your cohost automatically. Have your cohost check the Zoom recording save location for s folder relating to the meeting, which might contain a .txt file. 

I recommend reading this Zoom Support article on saving chat: 

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