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Restricting access to Meetings and other ideas


Here are my ideas to better your software/admin side of things.

Let me know if you like them or want to use them then we can discuss a cost.

1. If I schedule a meeting as the host for Monday 10 am to 11 am with an allow 15min before the start joining. 

Allow users to start the meeting 15 min before 10 am without the host and allow to run the meeting until the last user leaves let's say around 12pm. Then if any other user tries to join the meeting again after the meeting end date and time they need to receive a notice that the meeting has ended.

2. In the management of the recording allow for multiple meetings to be downloaded simultaneously and automatically group recordings of meetings with the same ID together.

3. Be able to set a date where after the meeting ID will expire and automatically be deleted

4. Be able to delete multiple old meeting links

5. Add a splash screen for a meeting that the admin can post a document for the users to browse before the meeting starts, like the agenda or portions of a report. Or a picture that can welcome users with a personal message

6. Add a section for scheduling where you can add multiple email addresses and have a system-generated email from "ZOOM" inviting users to a meeting.

7. Generate a screen share code that users can be provided that allows for screen sharing without other hosting rights

8. Have a user display panel change to red for example when they are on a slow or poor connection or have something that indicates to the user and the meeting they are having connection issues.

9. doing a graphic representation of a board room with user panels displayed as if they are seated and the speaker will change to the centre of the board room  at the podium to give it more life



Note Taker

You can technically do #5 already by using a customized waiting room.

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***Sometimes success is only achieved through many failures!***

I did not know this however would it not still require a hosts interaction?

With an enterprise account, you set a default for all users. I do believe the host/cohost has to admit people once the meeting starts.

Please remember to mark responses as accepted if they resolve your issue.
***Sometimes success is only achieved through many failures!***

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @1ton 


You may also like to submit your suggestions at



I have just done so, thanks