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Repost - Registered Participants unable to join meeting


Had multiple issues:

Registered participants unable to attend the session.

Troubleshoot by:
1. Clicking on the join button on confirmation email received
2. Copy & pasting the link into browser
3. Using the meeting code and passcode
4. Using a forwarded link from other participant
5. Clicked on the top left hand corner to copy and paste the link of the zoom session for other users.

All of the above steps ended up routing participants back to the registration page and not being admitted into the zoom meeting.

Can someone please advise..


Email to Zoom support, was told its a browser issue but we tried everything that the support staff suggested. 

The issue is not that participants are unable to register, they were able to register for the meeting  BUT UNABLE TO JOIN THE MEETING. 



This is the same issue I am having ....did anyone ever reply to this issue?