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Removing a recurring zoom session from a deleted user


Hi there,

There is a user who was deleted about a year ago, off an account I am now on, and it appears this user had set a reoccurring weekly zoom meeting that no longer goes ahead. However, we cannot remove the meeting as it was set up by the deleted user.

How do we remove the meeting?

Much appreciated.



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Max5 !


For you to be able to delete this recurring meeting, kindly go to Previous meetings from > Meetings tab. On the right side of the title of that specific meeting, please click Delete and then choose to Delete All Occurrences.


If this answers your question, please click Accept as Solution. Thank you!

Hi there -

It doesn't actually show up under my previous meetings, because I didn't set it up, and I don't have access to the deleted user who set them up! Is there anywhere else I can delete them for our whole company? 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Where are you seeing that recurring meeting? On the calendar system? If so, which Calendar system are you using? Outlook? Google Calendar?

I have a similar issue where a user have set up a recurring meeting and the user is not part of our organisation now. The user account is deleted from Zoom admin and hence we are not able to find the user account in Zoom admin to delete his previous meetings..

We see the meeting in outlook.  Any suggestions please? 


I have the same issue. I am the admin; the user was deleted; I continue to get a notification from Zoom every Monday that the meeting is starting. But I can't find the meeting anywhere to delete it. Help???

Hi @bwoolsey @Lakshma! Please double-check that you have deleted the calendar events in Google Calendar or Outlook.  These notifications are caused by the calendar system and not the Zoom App. 


Zoom Community Team 

Thank you. Will check.

Would like to have zoom follow up on this issue -- it is maddening.  A colleague created a recurring Friday meeting last year on her employer's Zoom license account. She has since left her employer.  The Friday meeting appears as an Invitation on my iPhone calendar until the end of time.  For the last 6 months I have clicked on that meeting on the iphone calendar, Declined the invitation and Saved for all events, but the meeting will not delete. It's a zombie. Interestingly, I can decline individual instances of the meeting and they will stick, but I cannot decline the series.  I am going to have to decline this Friday for the rest of my life!  There is NO OTHER invitation or event on my calendar, zoom or otherwise, that has done this.  And like other users, I have searched every single calendar, desktop, cloud, and there is no instance anywhere of this zoom invitation anywhere.  

The Zombie ZOOM message persists.😠


This really needs to be addressed.  I have a recurring meeting on my calendar that was created by an account that no longer exists and it is creating a lot of trouble.  Bottom line is that people should not be blocked from removing meetings from their own calendars regardless of who created them.  I have a support ticket open but so far the only response I've gotten is that only the host who created the meeting can delete it.  That is not acceptable.

In my case, I have asked the original host several times to check her Zoom scheduler and she has confirmed that she doesn't have the meeting on her calendar either. There's nothing she can do on her end.  And this is not iPhone either.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi everyone! Apologies for the delayed response. If this is an issue with Apple/iCalendar still repeating the events and calendar entries please try going to System Preferences/iCloud and turning off Calendar sync. Then remove the cache, then turn Calendar sync back on. 


Please also check if the recurring meeting can be seen from the Previous tab of your meetings: If the meeting in question is in your previous meetings list, please delete this recurring meeting. 

Let me know if that help! 

Zoom Community Team

This solution does not work. I am responding from my personal account. My work account was disabled last week. I had one meeting I had not deleted prior to the account being disabled.


That meeting shows for every single participant and I have no way to cancel it because I can no longer log into that Zoom account.


Please advise how to delete this meeting for all participants.

Hi @KitKatDC I was able to confirm that Zoom does not send these meeting invites, the email platform does. To resolve this, you would need to gain access to the email account that is sending the invite so that you can delete the meeting from the calendar and send an update to all invited parties. 



You will need to reach out to your previous work IT for assistance here.


Zoom Community Team

I have access to the email- it is only Zoom that was discontinued.


The email account was integrated with Zoom therefore, when I set up a meeting in outlook, I merely clicked the zoom button to add a zoom meeting.


Now that Zoom is no longer available, when I try to cancel the meeting it tries to log into zoom where I am no longer an active user leaving me no way to cancel the meetings.


Thank you








Just to update here because I just managed to remove it from a Zoom Room calendar. You will need to get an IT admin that manages the email system to remove it from the calendar or room calendar resource. The admin has to open that particular user/room resource calendar and remove it.