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There is no longer the option for me to give my meeting attendees remote control access. I have checked all my account settings to make sure that I have allowed for this function, but during my meeting, there is no button/option that comes up to give remote control access. Does anyone have any advice?


Thank you in advance!!


Community Champion

@tamipapa - I home you are doing well and thank you for the question.  Please review the below support article and ensure the settings exist for you.  I have verified the setting exists for my account.



I've done all those things.  Nothing works.  There are really only like two places that I've found to toggle remote control on/off.  Mine are both on.  The button is still not there.


Community Champion

Have you checked to ensure you are joining the meeting via the desktop client, instead of the web client? If you are joining from the web client, remote control is not possible as far as I know. 

I’m clicking the start button on my PC, scrolling down to the zoom folder and launching that way. I’m not starting a meeting via the web browser. 

FYI, here's what I see after launching the client, starting a meeting and sharing my screen.  You can see that the button is no where to be seen.




Click on the three dots on the bar and that will give you a "More" menu.  From there, you should see Remote Control on that menu to select.  See attached screenshot from my Windows-based computer.


Nope, not there. 

What version of the Zoom client do you have installed?  What version of the client does the other person have installed or is that person using the web interface?

Version 5.8.7 (2058). I’m launching a zoom meeting on the laptop and then joining with my iphone. Based on what I’ve read, I should be able to grant remote access to any user (including an iOS user). Screen shot-ing my PC login screen. 

To make sure I understand the scenario, you are logged in with your account on both the desktop and the iPhone.  Is that correct?  I want to try duplicate your exact use case and test locally.


That’s correct. I launch the meeting on my PC. Then, I invite myself using the invite function by sending an email via gmail. Then, on my iPhone, I go into my gmail app and clink the link to join the meeting. 

Also with noting that I only have the free, basic account. Based on everything I’ve read, you shouldn’t need a paid version of zoom to use this feature. Maybe they changed that?

@rhoffman000  You are correct that the Basic account can have Remote Keyboard & Mouse Control.  I think it may be that the same account is joined 2x.  That's what I need to test and validate.


Screenshot 2021-12-16 155327.jpg

Before I was using my wife’s account on the PC and my account on the iPhone. We had the same problem. That’s actually what started all this.