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Remote Control icon missing - URGENT



Remote Control has simply disappeared from the share menu. I have uninstalled Zoom and reinstalled it but the Remote Control icon has still not returned. Can someone please let me know how I can fix this because it is essential that I have this Remote Control ability for my business.

I have seen another community post with the same issue and the person said they were sent a CleanZoom file to clean Zoom and then reinstall it. If this is a legitimate file please provide it to those of us who are having this problem.

All I can think of is that one of my automatic updates has changed things.




Community Champion

The clean Zoom uninstaller can be found at the bottom of this support article:


Hopefully that helps your problem. 

Hi Bort

Thank you for your assistance however this has not fixed the issue for me, Remote Control icon is still missing form the Share Screen.

Any other suggestions?


Community Champion

Is there any pattern to the meetings that don't have the Remote Control option? Are all the meetings hosted by your profile? 

All the meetings are hosted by me and there is no pattern, every meeting I create or schedule does not have the remote control option on the menu bar. 


Did you ever resolve this issue as I am having this problem right now.  Eek.