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Recurring zoom class with no passcode


I would like to set up a universal zoom meeting with NO passcode required, but with waiting room. How can I do this so that that same link can be used for anyone at any time. 

I need it for classes that are throughout the day and at different times. Thanks


Zoom Moderator

Hi @Angie_fitchick! Welcome to the Zoom Community! 


In this case, you will want to schedule a recurring meeting and enable the waiting room option. The passcode will be embedded in the invite link so users joining the meeting via the generated link will not need to enter a passcode. Choose a calendar you would like to set up the recurring meeting with and Save. You will then be taken to the calendar to complete the process. The link you see on the calendar invite can be shared at any time :). 


Hope this helps!

Zoom Moderator

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