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Recurring sessions, is it possible to allow people to only attend one sessions


I have created a recurring series of webinars, I only want attendees to be able to register for one session not all of them is this possible? or do I need to create on off sessions and copy them?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @philwill25 ,

This could get complicated, but the basic rule I work from is you can create a meeting with an id and use it whenever you want. You may have noticed you can start a meeting outside when you told Zoom it would happen. You mark a meeting as repeating so you can use it again.

Any people invited or registered to that meeting will be able to attend at any time that the meeting is held.


If you wish to have different people attending, then the meeting needs to have a different meeting id.

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Thank you @ExpertswhoJohn my question is specific to webinars in Zoom events. If you create a series is it possible to have some one register for just one?