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Recurring not showing up on Zoom web-based verion


I have a recurring meeting.  I can see this week's occurrence on the app, but I need to edit it on the web based version and it's not showing up at all - not in current meetings and not in previous meetings. 




If you are the host of the recurring meeting, you can find.

Sign in to the Zoom web portal.

In the navigation menu, click Meetings.

Select the Upcoming meetings tab and scroll down and see the end it replicates. if you have multiple meetings, go to the next page and find it. 


Note:  All recurring meetings show on the last page.

Thanks.  It wasn't showing up on the web version.  Not in meetings or in previous meetings.  But it was showing on my app.  However, I ended up in an on-line chat with a Zoom rep and although they couldn't find it at first, they stuck with it and eventually found the meeting in question.  Grateful they saw it through.  We were both a bit stumped.

Unfortunately this does not work for everyone.  It did not for me.  


As soon as I select "Recurring" in the website and save, the meeting disappears from my upcoming meetings in the app.  If I go back and uncheck recurring, the meeting shows up in my upcoming appointments again.  The recurring appointments still show up in my account in the online portal.  Do you know a workaround to fix this?


After all this time it is still an issue.  I had the same issue this week.  The link would still work but I could not find, verify or edit it in the web UI.  Simply not to be found.  


I found this knowledge base article. See bullets!!

For individual meeting occurrences to show up in the Zoom desktop client or mobile app, you must schedule the recurring meetings in the Zoom web portal.

I know I set mine up in Outlook or my phone, not the web portal. Thus, that is why they are not showing up! Don't like it, but it is explained