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Recurring errors when sharing videos

Recurring issues with screen sharing. It started a few months ago, wasn't happening before.
Running Zoom client app on Mac Book Air, OS 11.6.7
Sent 2 support requests about 5 days ago but still no reply, which is surprising and infuriating (all support requests I sent in the past were reply in 2 days max).
1) First issue:
I need to share videos that are on Youtube and Vimeo.
I've noticed that when I share from Safari browser, the moment I go full screen for the video, the sharing is automatically paused. On my screen I see "sharing paused", and on the recording it is just blank.
2) Second issue:
When I share the YouTube or vimeo videos from Chrome, it works, but there are grey rectangles that appears for the viewers (I don't see them on my screen but the viewers see them and they appear on the recording). Those rectangles seems to be the Zoom menu bar. And when they start appearing once in a meeting, the keep appearing all the time when I share my screen, even if it is not a video.
Tks in advance for any help!

I have 2 open requests, about serious issues with screen sharing that keeps bugging, I have a very important training to teach this weekend where I will need to screen share, and Zoom is not replying! What is going on??? I am paying you to have support! Considering closing my account and moving to one of your competitor. This is not as Zoom used to be.



For immediate assistance, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Zoom client on your Mac Book Air. Additionally, check for any available updates for both Zoom and your web browsers. If the problems persist, consider reaching out to Zoom support through alternative channels such as live chat or phone support for a quicker resolution to ensure your upcoming training goes smoothly.

Thank you for your reply. Introducing code in Terminal as well as reinstalling has already been tested, problems persist. Will try live chatter phone support. Tks