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Recurrent Meetings another host created...why can't I delete them?


I followed the directions on how to delete a recurrent meeting, but I believe those instructions are for when you created the meeting. In this case I did not create them and in fact told the person I cannot attend and now I have these recurrent meeting for the next 52 weeks. I want to delete them, but Zoom gives no option. Hovering does not work and when i click on it, the only to options are Join or Chat with Everyone. I called zoom they would not help me. Please help me if you can..this is very frustrating because whether I created the meetings or not I should be able to delete. ALSO, the other host deleted the recurrent meeting in effort to help me and I STILL cannot delete them.



I have the same problem. I want to delete a recurrent meeting I used to host during the pandemics. How can I proceeed?