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Recovering a Live Transcript after ending the Zoom meetintg: Is there any way to do this?


I just hosted a Zoom in my graduate seminar at UCSB where we didn't record but had Live Transcript enabled. Usually I then save the live transcript but this time I ended the meeting without doing so. Is there any way to retrieve that?



Any answer to this?



I don't see where *we*have to be responsible for saving the live transcript. I don't think this feature is working well at all. Enabled for all my meetings and webinars and nothing is showing up.

At the end/bottom of the transcript window, it says "Save Transcript" which I often click on several times during the meeting in case I forget to click it before logging off. It gets saved as a .txt and I have managed to find it somehow. It will have the title of the Zoom. If you forget to save it, I don't think it saves at all. Hope this helps.

Thank you for your suggestion.  I will do that from now on.  I had a new device and I couldn't find the Save Transcript tab.  It wasn't in it's usual place and then I got disconnected.  At least I took notes.  


When you are on a new device you have to search for the SAVE TRANSCRIPT.  It is not an automatic pop-up after there is no speech for awhile.  I agree.  I don't know why we have to save it manually when we have already decided we want a transcript.  The feature does not work well.  My supervisor does not want an audio/video recording to be preserved.  


It is very confusing.  I have tried multiple times to get a copy of the transcript, but it is never to be found.  It seems that the zoom vendor does not appreciate how complicated they have made this capability.  Looks like they would be interested in knowing what the users want.  


Selecting transcript should trigger a saved file after the meeting, just like it does for recordings. Having to remember after a meeting, AND before ending when heading to another meeting is not user friendly nor practical in real-time. Transcripts are sometimes more essential to the meeting than the recordings to accessibility and for other uses following the meeting. Please make this adjustment ASAP.  


I just did the same and am waiting to find out if the other individual saved their transcript... but yes, this is ridiculous... if  one is enabling use of CC, and the transcript, it should be saved automatically and then if person does not want it, they can discard the transcript, but chances are, they will want it... I am working on a research paper and did exactly as you. In my haste to log off, I failed to save the transcript and here  I am... very frustrating. 


I need the caption transcript for zoom meeting that just ended.  I forgot to save it and call ended. Is there any way to recover it?  




I just want to add that transcripts did save automatically as of late 2021. Don't know why Zoom decided to change it but it is an issue.

Have we figured out how to make this automatically save if CC is selected in settings. 

It is extremely frustrating. 



I was just in a meeting, for which I was not the host.  I enabled transcripts but did not record.  The host ended the meeting before I was able to click "save transcript" and the transcript was lost.  I've reached out to the host and they also did not record the meeting or save the transcript.

There was a lot of action items lost to the ether.  😵