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Recordings on Cloud


Hi everyone! If someone can help me out that would be GREAT..


i was on a meeting hosted by another Zoom user. She made me co-host which allowed me to record the meeting on my end. I chose to record through the Cloud. The meeting ended and I thought the recording would show up. But it didn’t. I assumed it was still processing so I checked back 24 hours later, still nothing. Then I realized you have to be a paid user to record on the cloud. I’m sure the original host is a paid user but I’m not. I reached out to her and she said if I record it, it will show up on my account not hers. So here I am trying to troubleshoot how fo get access to my recording. I know it was recording because it had the cloud icon on the left upper side of the call. Any help? Do I have to become a paid user in order to access it now? Has anyone experienced this? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello. I can help. You are correct that a co-host can start a cloud recording. A participant can't, unless they were made co-host. To be made a co-host, a user must have a Pro, Business, or Education account. When you clicked record as the co-host, the recording is in the Host's account. 

The person that was the Host that made you the co-host should sign into their Zoom account on the web portal, and they will see the recording you started in their list of recordings. They can share it with you and give you the right to download it. 

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