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Recordings by guests seemingly didn't convert or store properly - Where can I find them?



I saw this question asked a few times but no satisfying answer was given.

I conducted 2 meetings with 2 separate guests yesterday. I wanted to record them on my end (host) as well as their end (guests). On my end, calls were recorded, converted and stored correctly.

Each guest did everything correctly to ensure their side of the call would be recorded as well and stored locally on their respective devices. At the beginning of each meeting, I did receive a request to allow them to record, which I allowed. 'Recording in progress' was heard and then for the whole duration of the call each of them saw the Recording button being active in their call window. But when we ended the call, neither of them saw a Conversion window open, and neither of them can find any recording on their respective devices.

This is a big problem for me and I really need to find those recordings. Can they be salavaged? Has this bug ever been solved?

Thank you for your help!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @juliemz.


A lot depends on the user’s device and settings. The most common problem is not knowing where to look. Have them open their Zoom app, go to Settings, then the Recording tab. Look at the folder setting for where recordings will be stored. There’s also a button to click which will open up that folder so you can see the contents. If there are recordings there, there are ways to recover the existing by re-initiating the the conversion process. See this Zoom Support article for details and additional information:


The second most common problem is that the folder setting points to a location that either did not exist at the time if the meeting, or they did not have write permission for. In this case, there won’t be any recordings. 

Lastly, if their drive space (or disk quota, if enabled by their IT staff) is limited, only a partial file would be created, which won’t likely be usable. You can try a conversion process, but it’s not likely to give you the full recording. 

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