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Recordings automatically deleted after Gong


Have a little something I can't figure out. We're in the middle of a Gong pilot and our sales calls through Zoom are showing up in Gong just fine. However, all recordings are being deleted (moved to trash) which we can see under the Recording tab in Zoom.


That seems like too much of a coincidence since it started at the same time we kicked off the Gong pilot. I contacted our Gong account manager who says it's not them. How can I determine the reasons calls are being moved to trash? Thanks



hello Martin,


I had the same issue in our system and found that there's a checkbox in that deletes the videos after retrieval.


It's located in Settings ->Web Conferencing -> Zoom ->  Enable Native Zoom recording -> Settings and you'll find the checkbox/toggle switch that says "Delete recordings in Zoom after they have been retrieved."

Turn that off and it'll stop deleting the videos