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Hi there, 

Yesterday I had a meeting with someone and I joined her Zoom invitation (so I didn't sign in and use my own account). Part way though our call she changed the host to me so I could record (cloud) (for clarity, the recording started after she changed me to the host).


Now I cannot find the recording and she said that she also doesn't have it.


Is there an alternative way I can retrieve the recording now?


Please HELP

Thank you!


Community Champion

If you didn't sign in with your account, the recording is very likely a local recording since you were not signed in to your account.  You may want to read this support article and look at the local storage location it defines.


Thanks.... unfortunately I cannot find it anywhere. I remember choosing "record to the cloud" as I always do - is there anyway to find the recording through zoom (not on my account) or to access it directly from Zoom?

Community Champion

Your best course of action is likely to open a support ticket.  They will have more access to the backend than I do and can help.