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Recording saved as mp4 but can't hear audio


Hello everyone


English is not my native language but I will try to explain.


I use to record videos where I am the only person talking, sometimes sharing screen, sometimes only taliking without sharing screen or document.


I tried today to record a video like that and when the recording finished, and I open de the MP4 file in my local drive to check it, video is not including audio¡¡¡ 


I tried several times with sharing screen and without sharing screen and all of them is the same, no audio only video.


I uninstalled software and installed again, and tried as well several times only talking  and others sharing screen and it is the same.


I don't know what to do, hopefully somebody can help me to fix it. 


Thanks in advance


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @Flor1976,


It sounds like either your mic was muted in zoom app, your headset was muted (hardware button), or most likely your Zoom app had the wrong microphone selected (possibly the built-in mic or headphone jack) so nothing was bing picked up.


Please try again but before you start recording, click the up arrow next to the Mute/UnMute button in the bottom left of your Zoom window and then click Audio Settings.  This will open the Zoom client settings and allow you to verify the selected mic as well as do an audio test.


Once you confirm your mic is working, then go back to your meeting, verify that Zoom shows unmuted in the bottom left, and then click record.


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Hello Dan thanks for your reply


I have done like 20 times  the audio testing, verified the audio selected was the one from my computer and I also verified my mic is unmuted, I have verified my zoom settings, my computer audio settings, even my camera settings and everything seems to be OK, but after recording like 20 testing videos the problem is still there.


Then it seems we need to go deeper to see what else is causing this problem 😞

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Can you share your setup with me?  

  • Computer
    • OS Version
    • Zoom Client version
  • Mic
  • Speaker
  • Camera

Also a screen capture of your Zoom client settings for audio?



Hello Dan


This is the requested information, please let me know if you need anything else. BTW I also deleted cache on the browser, but the issue is still happening


  • Zoom Client version


  • Computer OS Version


Mic & speaker


Audio zoom settings









Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Do you have a USB headset, mic, or mic/speaker that you can connect to your computer as a test?


I thought I had replied, sorry I don't have

Hello Dan I hope you are fine


Do you have any update? I have tried every single day to see if t his has been solved, but I am still having same problem

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Flor1976 ,

Most likely cause is the wrong mic being selected, or the mic being tied up by another app.  

Make sure all other apps that may use your mic (FaceTime, Twitch, Skype, Teams, WebEx,  etc.) are closed.


Then go to audio settings in the Zoom App and test mic.  If you see more than one mic in the drop down test all of them.  

once you confirm a working mic in settings, then start a meeting, make sure the same mic is selected, and try a recording.


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Hello Dan


I found what was the problem and now it is fixed 👏👏👏


The default player for my laptop was the one included in by factory called "Movies and TV" I changed the player to "Windows media player" and now I can hear the audio for the Zoom recording.


Thanks for your help on this topic. I hope this response helps to someboby else if is experiencing the same problem.


Best Regards




Changing to Windows Media Player worked for me as well.  For a while there, I thought I had lost important data.  Thanks for posting. 



Hi, I'm glad your problem was resolved. I was so hoping mine would work using Media Player - alas, I still have no sound on a recording. 

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. 

Hi Flor 

I tried again (I had selected Media Player not WINDOWS Media Player) and it worked!! 

Thank you so so much! 

I have been trying for so long to solve this. Have a wonderful week 🙂 

Thank you @Flor1976 !!! Opening with Windows Media Player worked for me too 😄

Same thing worked for me. I'm glad I kept scrolling. 🙂
I can't believe it was that simple a fix. 



Thank you so much for posting this solution!

I now have sound on my local zoom recordings when I choose Windows Media Player. 

So where did you select Windows Media Player? 

I do not see this as an option in the Zoom meeting setting!!

Still unsolved.

This worked for me as well. Thanks!!

This answer is NOT helpful and NOT accurate. Everyone knows to check their Mic and speaker. 

This is the 3RD time Zoom fails to record and important meeting. There were five participants, we here each other, this means mic and speakers were fine. A the "mute participants" in the initial setup was not checked. Still Zoom recording failed. Very awful.

I need a reliable app,  and I'm not ready to spent time of fixing apps that are supposed to help me. 

I am switching to MS Teams. 


I'm having the same problem, I've tried s many times and still no audio in a recorded meeting. Hope someone can shed some light on this dilemma 



An option  that worked for me is this... in the drop down icon beside the mic icon, I clicked  "same as system ( microphone( realtek high definition audio ))" in the select a microphone section and

" same as system ( speakers/ headphones( realtek high definition audio ))" in the select a speaker section.  All this time the default options where headphones for both microphone and speaker when I wasn't using any headphones. Iguess the deal is to choose the  actual option you are using. It played with audio with all the video players I have in my PC.