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Recording both participants in a 2-person Zoom


I've been using Zoom for years and only recently have encountered this problem: when recording with only two participants, the video recording only shows me as the host and not my guest (audio of both however).  I'm in gallery view and, as I said, I've recorded before with no issues and this started in the last few months.


What do I need to do to fix this?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@domalley214 You should be able to record in Gallery view. If you are doing a local recording, the recording mimics what you see on the screen. 
For cloud recordings, I would double check your cloud recording settings from the Zoom web portal. Sign in at and click the "Settings" tab. From here click on the recording section and look for your cloud recording settings. 
You will want to make sure you have the option checked for gallery view. 

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I am doing a local recording in gallery view and it is NOT recording both of us so it's not mimicking what is on the screen.  Screenshot attached is from video recording with another person and - as you can see - I'm the only one shown.  When my guest was speaking, you can only hear her, not see her.