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Recording a PowerPoint using zoom with 2 monitors


I’m want to record a PowerPoint in zoom. I have opened my PowerPoint

Opened zoom started a new meeting shared my screen (screen 1)

went back to PowerPoint started a slide show

my 1st monitor has the presentation that the viewers see and my second monitor has the PowerPoint with the presenter notes 

My Problem

1. the PowerPoint is not showing full screen in the recording. ( It shows full screen on my computer)? 

2. How do I get the video of me  to show? 





In Normal view, click the video frame on the slide. On the tab, in the Video Options group, from the Start list, select an option.   For more exciting in for visit lonestard2l. Note The video plays in sequence with other actions you've programmed on the slide (such as animation effects). This option doesn't require a literal click. You can trigger the video to begin with a clicker or any other mechanism that activates the next action on the slide (such as pressing the right arrow key).

(This option is available in PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 and PowerPoint 2019. It's also available in PowerPoint 2016 version 1709 or later.)