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Record a Video Interviewee Pinned Video Not Working (only has speaker or gallery views)


I record video interviews using Zoom. I only want the video interviewee on the video in full screen. I used to be able to pin the interviewee (and join with my mobile phone to have 3 attendees), then record to the cloud. This gave me a full-screen, constant view of the interviewee without anything else, such as their name, or switching to me.

The ability to stay on the pin changed sometime in the last few months, and now it is either the switching speaker view or gallery view with both of us. Zoom support's response was that I should use gallery view and use a video editor to crop it to the one speaker. I can do this; however, it does appear to reduce the resolution. (video recording settings attached) and is an extra workflow step.

Recording locally doesn't fix this either as I have less controls (e.g., separate audio and turning off names).

Does anyone have any workarounds for this? Will Zoom fix this issue or do I need a different solution?

Thanks for your help!