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Recipients are not receiving my Zoom meeting requests.....


I've recently upgraded from an iMac to a Mac Studio and this problem did not exist before. I schedule a meeting in the Zoom client and complete the relevant details and click save. This then opens the meeting request up in my calendar app (iCal) where I can select reminder duration, add attendees etc. when completed I click send.


However recently, all of the meetings that I am scheduling this way, are not being sent to the recipients (even though I'm following the exact same process as before).


Anyone else experiencing this or better still, know how to resolve. I'm a consultant and I use Zoom for all of my Client calls, so this is a big issue for me currently.


Thanks in advance for all help.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Sounds like an issue with iCal sending the emails. Have you checked your iCal app to ensure it is correctly signed-in to your email account. It may not be sending emails out since it is not connected properly to your account.