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Re: Why does Zoom disconnect my 1st PC when I use the 2nd ??


Hello Ray,


Thank you for volunteering your time to help users.  I clicked Contact Us for Zoom, and it doesn't appear that they employ anyone to help customers with questions, so I really hope you can assist.


I am attempting to host a meeting on my laptop and also join from my mobile phone.  I'm teaching a class about my company's mobile app and would like to share my mobile screen while also viewing what I'm sharing from my laptop like the other participants.  Is there any way to accomplish this?  Each attempt transfers me to the new device and won't allow me to stay in the meeting on both the laptop and mobile phone.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @fwinston. Thanks for the kind words!


You have the right idea, but perhaps over complicating it a little. There’s no need to log into Zoom on the mobile device to share it’s screen. This works for iOS devices; there might be a way for Android as well. See this Zoom Support article for iOS details:


Assuming your mobile device is on the same network (via wifi) that your computer is on:

  1.  Log in via laptop.
  2.  When ready to demonstrate:
    • Go to Share Screen
    • Select iPhone/iPad from the list of icons
    • Click the blue Share button
    • If prompted to install the add-in, follow instructions
    • On-Screen instructions (on your laptop) will appear for how to connect your mobile device to the Zoom application

I’ve done this many times with both iPhone and iPad, and it’s relatively easy and reliable. I highly suggest testing the process several times before going live with it. 

If you’re an Android user, search and see what you can find. I don’t see anything Android specific on the Zoom Support site, but I’m guessing someone somewhere has figured out a way. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Thanks for responding Ray!  I actually tried sharing the the screen mirroring sharing first, but the only option the mobile gives me is to display on my home TV.   Do you have any other suggestions?


Thanks Again