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RIP Zoom, thanks to new policy


Zoom's new policy -- imposed with no means of opting out -- may be the death of Zoom. I won't agree, my two non-profit agencies won't agree and the management company that represents us and over 100 other organizations will not agree. Would you agree to this sweeping, intrusive abuse of users?:


"You consent to Zoom’s access, use, collection, creation, modification, distribution, processing, sharing, maintenance, and storage of Service Generated Data for any purpose, to the extent and in the manner permitted under applicable Law, including for the purpose of product and service development, marketing, analytics, quality assurance, machine learning or artificial intelligence (including for the purposes of training and tuning of algorithms and models), training, testing, improvement of the Services, Software, or Zoom’s other products, services, and software, or any combination thereof, and as otherwise provided in this Agreement. In furtherance of the foregoing, if, for any reason, there are any rights in such Service Generated Data which do not accrue to Zoom under this Section 10.2 or as otherwise provided in this Agreement, you hereby unconditionally and irrevocably assign and agree to assign to Zoom on your behalf, and you shall cause your End Users to unconditionally and irrevocably assign and agree to assign to Zoom, all right, title, and interest in and to the Service Generated Data, including all Proprietary Rights relating thereto."




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @DeaconMac welcome to the community, and appreciate your feedback! We’ve updated our terms of service (in section 10.4) to further confirm that we will not use audio, video, or chat customer content to train our artificial intelligence models without your consent. In addition, our blog post has been edited to include the most up to date information. 


For Admin/Owners on the account that configure Account Settings, please keep in mind that Zoom Generative AI features are default OFF. Therefore, Zoom account owners and administrators control whether to enable these AI features for their accounts.

Zoom Community Moderator

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That's a baby step in the right direction, but the policy still allows you to use all that data (and personal information) for any other purpose except for AI training, so it's still unacceptable. Our business meetings are held and recorded for OUR purposes and the purposes of OUR clients and members. Not Zoom's. Not anyone else's. We own them. Zoom does not. And we will not waive our rights to them or to the privacy of our online sessions.

Are you recording?  Because if privacy is a concern you should not be recording them.  Then there's nothing for Zoom to "own" - everything goes away when the Zoom session is ended.