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QoS and DSCP for Zoom


Hi There,


This poorly written Zoom KB on QoS for Zoom states that to force the client to use different ports for audio, video and screen sharing you need to set “EnableIndependentDataPort”=dword:00000001 in the registry.

However in the section below describing how to configure a Group Policy is doesn't mention any port numbers at all and only shows how to configure DSCP markings for all traffic coming from the zoom.exe.

So I have a couple of questions:
1. If I set “EnableIndependentDataPort”=dword:00000001 what are the port numbers used for audio, video and screen sharing?
2. Does “EnableIndependentDataPort”=dword:00000001  work on the "free" version of Zoom that individuals install manually themselves? I think this might be termed the .exe installer.