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Q&A panels remain blank in Zoom Gov meeting.


Hello there! 
Despite extensive testing across different sessions and various team members,   Q&A panels in  Zoom Gov meeting (not webinar) remain blank with questions disappearing for all participants, including Host and Cohosts. 

All Q&A settings have been enabled in the backend and we have a later version from the minimum required. 
Why is this happening? and why is this feature enabled if is not set to properly work in the Zoom gov environment? 


Thank you! 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Calison12.


This is a new feature in meetings applicable only to certain accounts.  I'm sure you're probably one of those, but wanted to mention it first.


And because it's new and limited access, I'd highly recommend having your entity's Zoom Admin contact Zoom Support for assistance.  

Submit a Support Ticket here:

Or have your admin contact Zoom Support directly through

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