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Profile - unable to access sign-in & profile page


I am the purchaser/host of a standard Pro Zoom.


Until this morning I have been able to hyperlink from the URL address  direct to my sign-in page, where I enter my e-mail address and password.  It then gives me access to my profile page where I schedule my meetings.


I kind of went to look at some Zoom videos or something, today, and now the above doesn't work.


By clicking on my hyperlink now, it instead sends me to but now in site map format - nothing there seems to get me back to the sign-in page.


I don't want that site map page, how do I set-up or reset to go direct to the sign-in page.


All web browser searches under headings like Zoom profile, sign in, schedule meetings, etc that I have tried just keep coming back to this site map page, as the unsatisfactory answer to my problem.







Hi wrj.


I'm having a similar problem and I note that another user has raised this issue as well.  I've managed to sign in but when I try to select a function like meetings the system bumps me out and asks me to sign in again.  Every time I try to do something in Zoom it bumps me out and asks me to sign in again.  I'm hoping that one of the SME's can help us soon.