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Problems with wireless and bluetooth devices



I am experiencing several problems with different audio devices through Zoom that prevent me from carrying out my activity and it is being a real problem since I have had to cancel my next meetings for this reason.

The first is with a bluetooth headphones. I connect the audio system through headphones, but I stop listening to Spotify (I need Spotify music to carry out classes). I can listen and my audio plays, but I automatically stop listening to Spotify (necessary for my session). This has never happened to me before

The second is with a Tonor wireless microphone ( Zoom recognizes the microphone, it works and sounds great and after a minute, Zoom disconnects it, indicating "the microphone has stopped working."

Previously both devices worked perfectly, and they work perfectly with other applications.

I have uninstalled the zoom app for PC and reinstalled it, but both devices continue to crash. Any ideas?