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Problems with the sound of Zoom on my laptop.


Hello, I hope you are very well. My question is because when I use Zoom from the application downloaded on myCollaboration Tools laptop, when I speak, the other participants tell me that it sounds as if I were losing connection, that is, the audio is stuck for a few seconds and then comes back to "normal" but then again have the same problem. And the strange thing  -so to speak- is that when I use zoom from the browser (not the app on the laptop) it works fine, the other participants hear the audio well. I already tried deleting and downloading the application again and the same problem always continues. I tried with other applications such as google meet, microsoft teams, even record audio and it sounds fine, it's only the Zoom application that gives me this error. And I guess it can't be my Wi-Fi signal, because I'm literally next to the Wi-Fi box and also, the image doesn't look pixelated or stuck on the videocall, it's just the audio that doesn't work well.

Could you help me solve this problem please? 


Pd:  I’m trying to post a video that I recorded myself while using Zoom, so you can have a better look of the issue, but it’s not supported, however if you like I can email you the video.