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Problems with intruding into the conference



I have a terrible issue with my zoom sessions some hackers got attached their computer to my zoom account and they are intruding into each my conference. I tired all the security measures listed on the site but they are probably using some mirror technology and evry time I start a conference they get connected through my personal account.

I use zoom for working, mainly for teaching, and they break down every private class using several options to connect through web edge online streaming, through google online streaming and recently they started to connect to my zoom conferences through my account of organiser and when I start a planned conference I'm denied organiser's rights I either can't get log in or I log in without the rights of organiser and I can't do screen sharing. What is more, I can see several participants with my name but I use only one device to get connected, I hear them talking,  discussing me, students and bullying them or non stop playing shooting games.

During the last week I had all my classes collapsed I simply wasn't able to work because they kept disconnecting me from the conference, I was constantly getting off conference and when I entered again I saw that there was another participant with my name but with turned off camera my attemps to disconnect them failed because when I try to press disconnect this user i get noticefication that zoom conference will be finished.

I can't work at all because every class is broken down and I constantly hear them talking and bullying me and students, talking over my teaching methods and broadcasting my classes to their friends.

I changed the password to my account several times. I keep struggling with this problem for more than a year and during the recent weeks they started behaving more aggressively.

If you could please help me to solve this issue somehow, I would be very grateful.


Best wishes, 



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Oxana1 


I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with this abusive behavior. Please report this to Zoom so that we can investigate this and take actions to prevent. You can find more info about how to report this abuse here:

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I might guess that if this continues to occur even after changing your password that it's possible that your computer has a "keylogger" installed. This means every keypress is sent out to a server that somebody else can read.


Although, if this is the case you should be experiencing issues with accounts beyond just Zoom.


Just a thought.



Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen