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Problems with camera angle on Zoom


I'm having problems with my IMAC camera when recording on zoom. The images that appear in the recordings are not at the same angle (configured mirroring) that is, they are inverted.

If I'm on a video recording, and I turn my head to the left, the video shows it coming the other way. The same problem is when taking pictures. In live broadcasts, this problem of inversion of angles does not happen, only in recording.

It seems that the mirroring option within Zoom, which allows you to invert the camera image in a recording, is not working,

I have the latest version of ZOOM 5.11.1 (8356)


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



You can rotate the camera if needed, but mirror my video is a setting just for you. It is made so people don't get confused with left and right. If you need to actually mirror the image, then I would advise using a 3rd party software, like OBS, for example, which allows to create a virtual camera with several effects applied.


Hope this helps.


I'm sorry, but it's not your best answer, in using a third party software for recording.
This mirroring function inside Zoom was working for me almost 3 years ago, and now it stopped working. It seems to be a bug.
I think this post on the official zoom forum can help developers to review this functionality and improve in future updates.