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Problems with audio




I'm an English teacher and I have a recurring problem with the audio of 1 student in specific. We start the class and everything is ok. After a while, his audio starts lowering and after 1 min I cannot hear anything. He takes off his headset unit and I can hear him again until I can't and he needs to put on the headset unit again. And this happens over and over and over again. 

I paid for Zoom and I thought this wouldn't happen anymore. But I keep on having this problem. I've deleted the program and installed it again, and so has he. Maybe it's a problem with any setting, but I have no idea how to fix it. Can anyone help me? 



How many students within 1 meeting?  If there is more than 1, let's say 10 students.  Do you see the similar issue happening to the other 9 students?


For the incident you described, I would suggest you focus to isolate the issue from that particular student and his/her device.


Here are components to isolate:

1) computer

2) headset