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Problems recording a meeting: blank image


Please, Help! 

I tried to record a meeting, I was the admin and the only person with the cam and mic on. The recording was set up in auto. The result: no problems with audio, but my image stopped recording when I admited the users from the waiting room.

Since then the image is in blank, showing a grey profile with no photo. Seems like the image changed to the first user that entered into the meeting after me, while I´m talking all the time.


At the end of the meeting I started a Q&A where users could turn on the camera and the mic. At this moment, the recording works good changing from an user to other, including me.


This happened two more times before, but sometimes works well and I don´t change anything.

Please, anybody can help me? I need to upload these lessons for people that can´t see live, and now I have to record again the full meeting. This is painful.