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Problems of Using the meeting room


To Whom It May Concern;


This is Zion from Dherald Flip Education Inc. I'm writing to you to address some serious problems that have occured more than a couple of times regarding the use of the meeting room.
We're currently using 8 Zoom accounts for our company business and one of our teachers couldn't hold a class this morning as there was unknown person using the same meeting room. This happened before and it's causing us a big problem.
I'd like you to check and identify the problem of the following cases for us and make sure it won't happen again.


1) Aug 25th, 2022
When our instructor at work opened the meeting room(PM) at 21:09 with *********** account, someone was having a meeting.

When I logged in and opened the meeting room to check the situation, they disappeared, and our teacher proceeded the class from 21:11:44 to 21:35:08.

All classes scheduled for the 25th were finished with this class, but when we checked the meeting room usage record later, there was a meeting room usage record from 10:06:30 to 10:38:57.

We checked everything and still don't know who used it.


2) Sep 20th, 2022
When our teacher at work opened the meeting room(PM) at 08:00 with *********** account, someone was having a meeting.

This time, we reopened the meeting room, so we couldn't check the situation, but our instructor left their faces with a screen capture.

Strangely, there is no record of meeting room (PM) usage this time.

And they didn't seem to be embarrassed in the meeting room. If they stole the account, I think they would have done a different reaction.